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Nursing Home Care Centre

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Accommodation at Harmony Nursing Home appointed with modern conveniences and classic comfort.

Nursing Facilities

24 hours nursing care, basic but excellent nursing care, daily Monitoring of vital signs ( i.e -blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature ).

Rehabilitation Facilities

Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team (Doctor, Nurse and physical therapist) work with patient and family to gear towards helping every patient to optimise recovery potential.

Companionship & Recreational

Activities are planned to stimulate, motivate and encourage patient to their individual preference and capabilities.

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Nursing and Rehabilitation Services

Our Services

24 Hours Nursing Care Services

Our Nursing Services encompass complete professional nursing care by licensed professional nurses.


Schedule planning for transportation and provide others services such as assistance for patient appointment at hospital can be arrange on request.

Personal Care & Assisted Living

Continue personal and hygiene care, activities of daily living, bathing assistance, dressing assistance, companionship, incontinence care.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapist is treatment focused on human function and movement directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function of a patient.

Professional Medication Management

Medication Preparation, reminders, supervision, pill box, organization, daily log by our professional nurse.

Visiting Doctor

Our visiting doctor comes with regularly scheduled to evaluate and treat patients.

Meal & Diet Planning

Nutritious & delicious balanced meals, diet planning, feeding, etc

Harmony Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Centre

Our Nursing Home centre has be design to create a comfortable and friendly environment with spacious quiet garden to provide a wide range of comprehensive healthcare services to our resident requiring residential care, holiday stay or convalescence. Read more..

We provide exceptional, compassion care to your loved ones in the comfort of home.

Nursing Care
Rehabilitation Services

We touch by helping to provide the best service, care and match for you:

  1. To improves quality of life, to improve and maintains physical, mental and social well being.
  2. To reduce stress for patient and family.
  3. To reduce burden of care.

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Harmony Nursing Home

Rehab Programme

Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke (CVA) is the sudden death of brain cells in a localized area due to inadequate blood flow (Vascular event)

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

TBI: Injury to the brain from an external force causing transient or permanent neurological dysfunction.

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

An insult to the spinal cord resulting in a change , either temporary or permanent, in its normal motor, sensory or autonomic function.

Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputation – removal , usually by surgery, of a limb, part or organ. Amputee – One who has had an amputation, esp of the arm or leg

General Rehabilitation

A process of restoring an individual, who becomes disabled or handicapped consequent upon a impairment following a disease or injury, to his optimal physical, psychological and social function, in accordance with his pre-morbid status.

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