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Amputee Rehabilitation

  • Amputation – removal , usually by surgery, of a limb, part or organ.
  • Amputee – One who has had an amputation, esp of the arm or leg
  • Prosthesis – Replacement of a missing part by artificial substitute such as artificial extremity.


  • Physical preparation
  • Upper body strengthening
  • Non affected limb strengthening
  • Bed mobility
  • ROM of affected limb
  • Balance re-education
  • Safe transfers
  • General conditioning
  • Early stump care activities, stump board
  • Hopping with the use of an aid i.e. crutches or walking frame.
  • Walking with Pneumatic post amputation mobility aid (PPAM Aid)
  • Phantom limb, phantom pain and Painful residual limb
  • ADL retraining



  • Increase in prosthetic wearing and functional utilization
  • Patients achieve satisfactory walking pattern.
    – Comfort
    – Feeling of safety
    – Balance
    – Co-ordination
    – Reasonable energy consumption