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Nursing Services


  • 24 Hours Nursing Care
  • Dedicated nursing rooms for nursing patients in coma, bed ridden or paralyzed
  • Monitoring patient’s vital signs and overall medical condition e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose monitoring, bowel and bladder monitoring.( Every 4 hourly observation)
  • Assistance in activities of daily living both for elderly patients and patients challenged with temporary disability
  • Personal hygiene management
  • Toilet training & Bathing with additional assistance (Limited Mobility / Bedbound)
  • Administering Medication (scheduled medicine dispensary)


  • NG Tube Feeding Insertion & Changing
  • Gastrostomy Site (PEG) Management
  • Urinary Catheter Insertion & Changing (Male & Female)
  • Care and dressing of suprapubic tubes (SPC)
  • Tracheostomy Care & Oxygen Therapy
  • Stoma Management – Colostomy or Ileostomy Care
  • Assistance with bowel elimination – Enema or manual evacuation.
  • Simple and complex bandaging. (Stump Amputation Care & management)


  • Wound Care management & Pressure Ulcer (Bedsore)
  • Diabetic management and Diabetic Wound Care
  • Basic Care Dressings and Bandages.
  • Traumatic Wound (Motor Vehicle Accident)
  • Prevention Pressure Ulcers & Pressure relieve management